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Oboe Reed Log

Reed Log


Printed locally in Baltimore at the woman-owned, certified minority-owned Alpha Graphics, Inc.

  • Why I Made This:

    A Reed Log is one of the tools that has helped me grow most as a reedmaker. But until now, I’ve always had to make my own hand-drawn, scrawling reed logs, or design my own sad and ineffective spreadsheet to print out.

    Keeping a reed log helps you discover what’s working (and what’s not!) in your reedmaking, so that you can replicate the successes more frequently. It’s like being the overseer of quality control in your own reed factory! 

    It can be especially helpful when you are making changes in your reedmaking, or trying out new tools. It can also help you figure out what specifications are working best for an upcoming recital or for skills you are working to improve (articulation, low-register depth, etc.).

  • What's Inside:

    • Introduction with instructions and helpful tips 
    • 15 two-page spreads of the Reed Log layout (enough to log 270 reeds)
    • 10 pages of Cane Log (for tracking cane by batch)
    • 5 blank, lined pages
  • What's in the Reed Log section?

    Includes columns for entries in: 

    • Date
    • #
    • Cane
    • Diameter
    • Gouge
    • Shape
    • Center, Ear and Thread Measurements
    • Location 
    • Other
    • Results
  • What's in the Cane Log section?

    Includes columns for entries in: 

    • Cane Source
    • Notes

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