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Reedmaking & Practice Weekly Calendar

Reedmaking & Practice Weekly Calendar


Printed locally in Baltimore at the woman-owned, certified minority-owned Alpha Graphics, Inc.

  • Why I Made This:

    Keeping just one mega-calendar for my life schedule, my practice sessions, and my reedmaking has always been a challenge. Before I know it, my life is all visually jumbled and I end up feeling overwhelmed and distracted. And for me, keeping digital practice spreadsheets has always felt intangible and remote. I designed this calendar to keep all my musical tasks in one place, so I can visualize the week ahead and get to work! 


    Using the Practice and Reedmaking Desk Calendar you can plan (or record) your daily musical work. Keep it handy on your reed desk, or tear off a sheet to keep in your practice binder.

  • Product Details:

    • 11w x 8.5 h
    • 50 tear-away sheets
    • Bright white, no-bleed paper (works with pen, pencil, highlighter, color)


  • Layout Contents:

    • "The Week of..." entry at top of each sheet
    • Calendar: Monday through Sunday columns
    • Tasks: To-do, Practice, Reeds rows
    • Space for additional “Notes & More”

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